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New Shotguns for 2015

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Turkish Shotgun Invasion: 2013

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Winchester AA Heavy TrAAcker Ammunition: Video

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Shotgun Patterns and their Spectacular Imprecision

Review: Winchester SX-3 12 Gauge Autoloader, FN's Best?

The Myth of Shotgun Break In

Air Pressure and the Shotshell Pattern

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The Death of the 20 Gauge Autoloader

Briley Takes on the Amusing, Confusing Browning DS Choke System

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Choke Constriction Reference

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What Makes Shotshell Pellets Work Better

Steel Versus Lead in Shotshells: Mythbusting

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Confused About Steel Shot and Barrel Damage?

Why Porting in a Shotgun Application Does Not Work

Why Not Shoot a Shotgun with Half the Recoil?

Ithaca M37 20 Gauge TurkeySlayer

Three Really Dumb Shotgun Things

2012 Shotgun Survey: Who is Happy and Who Is Not

The Best New Shotguns of 2012

The Mystery of the Over/Under Shotgun

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Rules of Choke Tube Constriction

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Franchi Affinity 12 Gauge Autoloader Review

My Shotgun Blew Up

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Ithaca releases Phoenix O/U and Single Barrel Trap Models

Franchi Reinvents Itself for 2012

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Why Shotgun Chokes Can Bewilder and Mislead

Steel, Lead, and the Rule of Three for Shotshells

Wingshooting Gauges and Fables

20 Gauge Pheasant Loads Compared

Three Inch 20 Gauge, the Rodney Dangerfield of Shotshells

Nice Shot Reloading Pressures

A Skeptic's Look at Modern Autoloading Shotguns

What's Wrong with All Autoloading Shotguns

Browning Brings Back the A5 and Introduces the Citori 725

25 Dead Mallards, Crummy Shells, and a Trulock Choke

The 187th Shotgun Recoil Discussion

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The End of High Performance No-Tox Shot?

Are Autoloading Shotguns Too Gimmicky?

Pheasants Past 50 Yards: 20 Gauge Style

Coming Soon: Mossberg 500, the First Fifty Years

Ithaca DeerSlayer III Twenty Gauge

New Savage Model 212 12 Gauge Slug Gun

Review Mossberg 930 12 Gauge Autoloader: A Big Surprise

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2011 Browning Maxus Sporting: Worth a Lot More Than a Look

Browning Double Auto: Val Browning's Finest

Benelli Super Vinci

New Stoeger M3500 Super Magnum Autoloader: Stoeger Shoots at the “Do Everything Super Value Super Auto”

Fausti Class Twenty Gauge O/U

Do Extended Chokes Improve Patterns?

Pellet Penetration For Wingshooters

Another Federal Heavyweight Load and a new Turkey Project Gun

The Mysterious Lengthened and Elongated Forcing Cone

Nice Shot Reloading Data: 12 Gauge

Nice Shot Reloading Data: 20 Gauge

Nice Shot Reloading Data: 16 Gauge

Nice Shot Reloading Data: 28 Gauge

Nice Shot Reloading Data: .410 Bore

Nice Shot Reloading Data: 10 Gauge

Wounding Ballistics for the Wingshooter

Shotgun Shells and Shotgun Chokes: like Laurel & Hardy

A 40 - 45 yard Mallard Load

The Wonderful Myths and Fables of Shotguns, Shotshells, and Chokes

Choke Problems with your Shotgun? Maybe Yes, Maybe No.

Blindsided by the Dark Cloud of Hevi-Metal

Beretta A400 Woes

Everything You Want to Know about Fausti, But Were Afraid to Ask

“Sporting Shotgun Performance” by Andrew Jones: A Must Read?

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Randolph Engineering: Ranger XLW “Serious Equipment” Shooting Glasses

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New Autoloading Shotgun Reader Comments

Picking a “No-Tox” Shotshell: Code Words, Misinformation, and Hyperbole

Hevi-Shot Fires Back!

Slug Guns: Twenty Gauge Vs. Twelve Gauge: What Is Better?

How Much Should You Spend For an Autoloading Shotgun?

The No Tox Shotshell Problem

Savage 220F 20 Gauge Slug Gun Performance

Browning Brings Back the A-bolt Slug Gun

A Look at “Prairie Storm” Shotshells

Why Autoloaders Kick Far More Than They Need To: Beware the "Versatile" Shotgun

Home Defense 12 Gauge Pump Shoot-out

Review: Winchester SX-3 20 Gauge

Best and Worst Shotguns 2010: Survey Says

Recoil: According to Benelli, Beretta, Browning, and Remington

Looking for a Used Shotgun?

Shotgun Magnumitis: An Incurable but Controllable Affliction

Upland Hunting with Jack O'Connor

Rumor Mill: Remington's new Versamax 3-1/2 inch Waterfowler

2010 Shotgun and Wingshooting Awards

Classic Review: Beretta A303 Twelve Gauge Autoloader

Pheasants Past Fifty Yards and Pellet Size Selection for Upland Game

Benelli's SuperNova ComforTech 3-1/2 inch Slide Action 12 Gauge

Browning Maxus Hunter: Polished Blue and Walnut at Last

Lore of a Legend: Browning A-5 Light Twelve

20 Gauge Autoloader Comparison: Benelli vs. Beretta vs. Browning

How to Pick a Choke Tube in Five Minutes or Less with George Trulock

Ithaca Deerslayer II Twenty Gauge Review

Benelli ComforTech, Shotgun Recoil, and More Shrieks of the Mutilated

What Are The Best Factory Shotshells?

Shotshell Gauges, Payloads, and Velocity: Cutting Through the Bull

Where Can I Get Good Shotgun Barrel Work Done?

The Improbable Comparison: Beretta A400 vs. Browning Maxus vs. Benelli Vinci

What is the Most Reliable Autoloading Shotgun?

Quick Peek: Mossberg 930 12 Gauge Autoloader

Review: 2010 Beretta A400 Xplor Unico 12 Gauge Autoloader

Limbsaver “Dead Center” Shotgun Sights

Ithaca Model 37 vs. Browning BPS: What's the Difference?

Why We Bought the Wrong Shotgun

Fausti: The Most Famous Name in Shotguns You've Never Heard Of

Review: 2010 Browning Cynergy Field Twenty Gauge O/U

Review: Benelli M2 20 Gauge Comfortech Autoloader

The Spectacularly Impossible Question of Shotgun Fit

Talking Turkey About Pellet Penetration

Spring Turkey Hunting with Tony Knight & Family

Federal Heavyweight Turkey Load in 12 Gauge Equals Fabulous Performance

World's First Test: the new Ithaca Turkeyslayer 12 Gauge

Federal's Amazing 20 Gauge Turkey Load: Heavyweight No. Seven

Caesar Guerini Tempio “Sporter” Twenty Gauge O/U

Ithaca's New “Perma Guard” Defense and Waterfowl Guns

Did God Create Autoloading Shotguns So They Could Jam?

Straight Dope on Shotgun Chokes

Preview: Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe Autoloader

Savage 220F: The Best New Rifle of 2010 is a Shotgun

Ithaca's new Phoenix: the Return of the “Knick” Shotgun

Preview: Beretta A400 Unico 12 Gauge

Hope for Beretta 391 Lovers

Wouldn't You Really Rather Drive a 20 Gauge?

Confessions of a Browning A-5 Aficionado

Browning Cynergy Euro Field Twenty Gauge

Browning Auto-5 Magnum 20 Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Clunker of 2009 Award

More Shooting with the Slugging Superstar: Savage's 220F

Hunting & Shooting with Benelli's Vinci Autoloader

Savage Reinvents the Slug Gun: Savage Model 220F 20 Gauge

2009's Shotgun and Wingshooting Awards

Browning's New Autoloader: the Maxus

Improving Browning Invector Plus Shotgun Performance

2009 Benelli Ultra-Light 12 Gauge

Do-All's White Wing: World's First Affordable Gun Club in a Box?

The Benelli Vinci: In Depth

The Ithaca You've Never Seen Before: the 2009 Model 37 28 Gauge Ltd. Edition "AA" Grade

Are B & P Shotshells the Best?

EvoShield Recoil Shirt: The Ultimate in Recoil Protection?

Review: Remington Model 105 CTi II Autoloading Shotgun

First Look: Ithaca's All-New first-ever M37 28 Gauge & More

Preview: The Browning Maxus Semi-Auto Shotgun

Preview: Remington's 2009 887 Nitro Mag Pump Action

Beretta AL391 Urika 2 Gold 20 Gauge Shotgun: A Non-Review

Ithaca Model 37 20 Gauge Review: Is it the Best?

The Mystery of the Beretta 391 Series Shotguns

The Many Reasons to Avoid Over / Under Shotguns

Kent Tungsten-Matrix vs. Hevi-Shot "Classic Doubles"

The Eternal Horror of Shotgun Recoil

Instant Kills Past 50 Yards? Winchester Xtended Range HD

2007 Beretta 391 Urika Gold 12 Gauge

Winchester Supreme Elite Xtended Range: The Best EVER?

Browning Cynergy Classic Field 20 Gauge O/U Shotgun

Caesar Guerini Magnus O/U Shotgun

Browning BPS 16 Gauge Pump-action Shotgun

How Good Are Fiocchi Shells, Really?

Preview: New Browning BPS 16 Gauge

First Look: 2007 Beretta Urika 2 Gold 12 Gauge

A Look at the Remington 105CTi Shotgun

Why Your Shotgun Always Throws the Wrong Pattern

Shotshell Reloading Background by Johan Loubser

Alliant Shotshell Powders

E. D. Lowry on Shot String (8.7 meg PDF)

Browning Gold Superlight 12 Gauge FLD Hunter

DeHaan Model U2 16 Gauge O/U Shotgun

Shotgun Power: the Myth of the Gauge

A Glimpse at Shotgun Gas Actions

How Much Difference Can a Choke Tube Make?

Shotguns and Trigger Trouble

2006 Browning Gold 20 gauge Superlight Hunter

2006 Dove Opener

Post 4 Optics: Titanium Shooting Glasses

Savage Milano 20 ga. O/U

CZ Ringneck 16 ga. Side by Side

Fiocchi Golden Pheasant Loads

A 20 Gauge Patterning Example

A Graphic Look at Patterns

Carlson's Shotgun Choke Tubes

Patterning for American Skeet

Patterning for Game Birds

Notes on Patterning Turkey Loads

The Trouble With Chokes

What About Shot String?

When Do I Need an Aftermarket Choke Tube?

Where Do We Want Our Pattern Today?

Why Back-Boring Does Not Work

Why We Desperately Need to Pattern Shotguns

The .410: What Good is It?

16 gauge: The Best Gauge?

Why the 10 Gauge Shotgun is Obsolete

Defeating Shotgun Recoil

Pellet Size Selection for Upland Game

The Right Shot Size and the Squared Load

Shotgun Mysteries: What Modifications Work?

What About Shotgun Weight?

What Chamber Length for Your Shotgun?

Wing Shooting and Recoil

Shotgun Choke Specifications

Shotgun Pressures

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