Weatherby New Shotguns for 2015

Weatherby now has a line of inertia autoloaders for 2015, and is at least getting their toes wet with the introduction of one O/U 12 gauge model they call the “Orion I.” The inertia guns are to be available in 12, 20, and 28 gauge, called the “Element Deluxe.”

The inertia line is easy to discuss, for it is a rebranded ATA Neos Walnut, made in Turkey. Retailing for $1099, they are all very well-finished models with excellent wood. On the negative side, the very small triangular safety has sharp edges and was uncomfortable to get off. At the muzzle is a green fiber optic tube "bead" that would make more sense if it was just more traditional silver.

The “Orion I” appears to be a version of the ATA “686s” O/U, which itself is more or less a Beretta 686 clone of sorts. It also is nicely finished; the Weatherby has a Prince of Wales pistol grip. The Orion I has a MSRP of $1099 as well and that should generate some interest for those in the market for an entry-level vertical double. The "Orion I" models I went over looked good, the only gripe I had was the heavy triggers: heavier than the guns themselves. Whether this will be the case with regular production models, I have no idea.

More information to follow when it becomes available.

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