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The Great Ammo Shortage of 2021 and Remington Ammunition

A Dive Into Bismuth Shot

Patterning Your Shotgun the Wakeman Way

Retay Arms Shotguns and Choke Tubes

Picking Your Shotshell

The Death of the Pump Shotgun

The Fabulous Browning B-80
Fabarm L4S Scolopax Rusticola

The 65 Yard wild Pheasant and Mallard Load

Apex Ammunition Turns your 20 Gauge into a 10 Gauge
New Shotguns: Picks and Pans

The Reliable Semi-Automatic Shotgun Story
Shotshell Bismuth Wars for 2020
High Performance Shot and 90 Yard Loads
How Good Is Tungsten Super Shot, Really?
Remington V3 Waterfowl Pro Goes to Stan Jones Mallard Lodge
Review: 2019 Remington V3 Turkey Pro
2019 Fabarm XLR5 Composite: The All-Around Autoloader
Smoke Your Turkey with BOSS Shotshells
The Great Waterfowl Gun Mystery
Preview: Retay Masai Mara 3-1/2 inch Waterfowler
REVIEW: 2018 Orvis Fabarm Elos D2 20 Gauge O/U, the Shotgun of the Year?
Preview: Orvis Elos D2 O/U : “100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back
Fabarm L4S Hunter: The Best All-Round Shotgun?
Review: 2018 Retay Masai Mara Jet Black 12 Gauge Autoloader
The Spectacular Liars of Hevi-Shot are at It Again
2018 Fabarm Elos D2 Twenty Gauge O/U
Kent Bismuth VS. Lead
2018 Fabarm XLR5 Waterfowler
The Better Benelli than Benelli: Retay Arms Masai Mara
The Remarkable Winchester Super-X Model 1
The Renaissance of the Twenty Gauge Shotgun
Eight Years Later, An Improbable Comparison: Beretta A400 vs. Browning Maxus vs. Benelli Vinci vs. Fabarm L4S vs. Remington V3 vs. Retay Arms Masai Mara
On the Remington V3
Shot Ballistics
Getting the Most Out of Bismuth Shot
Review: Mossberg SA-28 28 Gauge Semi-Auto
The Benelli Disaster
On the Retay Arms Inertia Plus Shotgun Action
Federal Reinvents the Turkey Load and Doubles Its Range
Arkansas Duck Hunting at Stan Jones Mallard Lodge
Trulock Choke Tubes Dove Chokes
Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Complaints
Kings of the Wings: The Best Wild Pheasant Guns
The Best sub-$1000 Inertia Shotguns
More Ducks, Less Ammo
Retay Arms Masai Mara 12 Gauge Autoloader, EVO Camo
Everything You Might Not Want to Know About Shotgun Patterns
Remington V3: 2500 Rounds without Cleaning
The Best Autoloading Hunting Shotguns on the Market
The Design Defect of the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3
The Shotshells I use Today . . . and Why
Trigger Job: Before and After, Mossberg SA-20 20 Gauge
Why the Mossberg SA-20 is the Best Upland Twenty Gauge Autoloader on the Market Today
Mossberg and Weatherby and More: The Battle of the 20 Gauges Part Two
The Essential Ed Lowry on Shotshell Velocity and Patterns
Mossberg and Weatherby, The Battle of the 20 Gauges Part One
Why You Need to Buy Trulock Chokes
The Case for Tighter Constriction Chokes
Federal 3RD DEGREE Turkey Ammo
Limbsaver AirTech Recoil Pad Fun with the Remington V3
Why You Should Shoot Remington American Clay & Field Shotshells
What is Better, a Gas-Operated or a Recoil-Operated Autoloading Shotgun?
New Winchester 20 Gauge Turkey Medicine: Longbeard XR
The BEST Patterning Shotshells: Joe Hunter Testing
An Old Comparison: SuperAuto Shootout: Benelli SBE II vs. Browning Maxus
Avoiding the Terror of Shotgun Stock Shims
Why You Want Remington HyperSonic Steel Loads
In Need of Twenty Gauge Opinions
All About Pheasant Hunting
Where, Oh Where Did My Shotshell Pattern Go?
The Solution to Miserable Browning Trigger Pollution: Jim at Cole Gunsmithing
Shotgun Pattern Loss By Range
A Look at Federal's Buffered 16 Gauge Loads
Trulock Super Waterfowl Chokes
Review: 2016 Fabarm L4S Grey Hunter 12 Gauge Autoloader
Patterning A Shotgun 2016
On the Waterfowl Shotgun
Is Reloading 12 gauge Shotshells Worth It?
Who Makes the Better Target and Dove Shotshells? Part Two
Who Makes the Better Target and Dove Shotshells? Part One
Kent Cartridge: The Return of Bismuth Shot!
The Very Grand Most Excellent Argentina Shotgun Myth
The Death of the Shotgun Inertia Action
Fooled and Fooled Again by Shotgun Bore Diameters
Real 20 Gauge Gun Weights
The Black Ice Remington V3 Shotgun Project, Part Two
On Shotgun Stock Length
The Black Ice Remington V3 Shotgun Project, Part One
The Shotgun Nerd Rage Velocity Handbook
Yes, Steel Shot is a Lot Worse than You Think!
The Autoloading Shotgun is the Best Hunting Shotgun . . . or, Is It?
Upgrading to a Twenty Gauge
The 16 Gauge: The Shotgun that Carries like a 12, but Hits Like a 28 Gauge
It is a Great Shotgun... Eventually
The Evil Recoil Monster
The Search for the Shootable sub-7 pound Twelve Gauge Autoloader
Chamber Length and Pattern Efficiency
Winchester Rooster XR: The 70 Yard Pheasant Load
Shotshell Selection Basics
Patterning a Shotgun for Fun and Profit
The Limits of Recoil Reduction
Confused about Shotgun Point of Impact?
Shotgun Analyzer Example: Target Telemetrics
FINALLY: A Better Way to Pattern your Shotgun
Is It the Choke or the Shell?
Why Your Hunting Shotgun Might Disappoint You
The Sixty Yard Twenty Gauge Wild Pheasant Load
Three Excellent Pheasant Guns
Browning Arms, Lousy Triggers, and Weird Theories of “Liability”
Everyone's Favorite Topic: Recoil
Your Shotgun Doesn't Shoot to Point of Aim
Trulock Takes the Guesswork out of Superior Turkey Patterns
The Reason for Federal Heavyweight #6 for Turkey
Using A Twenty Gauge for Wild Turkey
Winchester Long Beard XR: The Best Lead Loads Ever Tested
A Brief Visit with George Trulock, Trulock Chokes
The Shotgun and the Springy Stock Thing
The Verdict on Winchester Longbeard XR Turkey Loads
The Search for Better Shotgun Triggers: Remington Versa Max, Browning, Etc.
Looking For a Great Pheasant or Upland Gun?
The 3-1/2 inch Twelve Gauge: Pro and Con
Winchester's New Turkey and Pheasant Loads: Longbeard XR and Rooster XR
The Best Pheasant Loads
Shotgun Movement, Shot Recovery, Recoil
KPY: World's Only Shotshell Ballistics Program
Dealing with Steel Shot Part Two: Effective Countermeasures
Dealing with Steel Shot Part One: Your 12 gauge is Now a 28 gauge
The Questionable Record of Steel Shot
Ed Lowry On Shotshell Ballistics
Turkey Skinz: The Better Turkey Decoy
Shotshell Pellet Ballistic Coefficients and Sectional Density by Ed Lowry
The Essential Ed Lowry on Shotgun Performance
Patterning your Shotgun for Turkey
New from Trulock Chokes for 2013
Using a Shotgun to Drop a Bird, Part One
Using a Shotgun to Drop a Bird, Part Two
What Makes Shotshell Pellets Work Better
Steel Versus Lead in Shotshells: Mythbusting
Weird, Malformed Steel Shotshells: The Reinvention of the Spreader Load
The Ideal Pheasant Gun
The Ultimate Pheasant Load
Controlling Shotshell Pattern Diameter
The 50 Yard Pheasant Load
Shotgun Lethality Tables: Comment, Discussion, and Criticism
The First Fifty Years of Dove Hunting
Shotgun PC Comparisons
Ed Lowry on Shot String
Shotgun Effectiveness: Bring Enough Pellet!
Revitalizing Wild Pheasant Populations
2012 Iowa Turkey
Hornady Heavy Magnum® Turkey Shotshells
Where “American” Pheasants Came From
Picking a Pheasant Load
A Good Look at Argentina Dove
Browning A-5 20 Mag for Turkey: Orlen, Trulock, And Federal
Shotgun Magnumitis: An Incurable but Controllable Affliction
Upland Hunting with Jack O'Connor
Pheasants Past Fifty Yards and Pellet Size Selection for Upland Game
Shotshell Gauges, Payloads, and Velocity: Cutting Through the Bull
What is the Most Reliable Autoloading Shotgun?
Talking Turkey About Pellet Penetration
Spring Turkey Hunting with Tony Knight & Family
Wouldn't You Really Rather Drive a 20 Gauge?
Hunting & Shooting with Benelli's Vinci Autoloader
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