New Winchester 20 Gauge Turkey Medicine: Longbeard XR

For 2017, Olin-Winchester has introduced their excellent and popular Longbeard XR loads in 20 gauge. They come in #5 or #6 shot, 3 inch unfolded length shells, 1-1/4 oz. payload, 1000 fps velocity.

This is the best twenty gauge lead load ever introduced for turkey. You have your choice or #6 or #5 shot. With more pellets in the #6 load, you naturally get more saturation when killing paper, but #5 lead is a better choice-- it breaks bones better than #6 and retains velocity better as well.

Choke selection is easy: use a Trulock Precision Hunter extended choke with .045 inch constriction. For 20 gauge Invector Plus barrels, that is Trulock part number PHIP20585.

For Mobil-choke barrels, it is Trulock PHBEN20575, for Remchoke barrels, it is Trulock PHREM20575.

The new Winchester Rooster XR 20 gauge shells sell for $19.95 for ten rounds, a bit less of course with the various sales and right now there is a two dollar rebate as well from Winchester.

It has never been easier to use a 20 gauge for turkey. Grab a couple of boxes of Winchester Longbeard XR 20 gauge in #5 shot, screw in your Trulock Precision Hunter with .045 inch nominal constriction, confirm your pattern on paper at the ranges you are going to shoot at, and go hunting.

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