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New Savage 10ML-II Loads from Savage Arms

Safety Notice: Muzzleloader 10ML-II

SAVAGE 10ML-II LOADS November 2015

Savage 10ML-II Loads

Testimony to Savage 10ML-II Quality & Strength

Need Savage 10ML / 10ML-II Work? Get in Touch with Bill's Custom Guns' Bill Ball

A Happy Savage 10ML-II Hunter

Savage 10ML Muzzleloading: Powder Choices 2014

The Best Savage 10ML Powder Ever?

There Will Be No More Savage Muzzleloaders, Ever (and why)

Time to Find a New Propellant for Your Savage 10ML-II?

Parker Revamps the Ballistic Extreme Muzzleloading Bullet Line

Savage 10ML Parker Match Hunter Exterior Ballistics

Bore-Sized Conicals and the Savage 10ML-II (Colorado)

Savage 10ML-II: Results from Ted Keaton, Greg Abdoe, & Danny Simon

Another Happy Savage 10ML-II Hunter

Parker Match Hunter & Savage 10ML-II, Third Chapter: Reloder 7

***PLEASE READ** Favorite Savage 10ML-II Loads & Savage Fundamentals (Sept., 2011)

If new to the 10ML-II experience, the following four articles were written to help get you up to speed in no time flat:

VIP Article: Programming for Savage 10ML-II Success

VIP Article: Pet Loads for the Savage 10ML-II

VIP Article: Important Savage 10ML-II "DO and DON'T"

VIP Article: The Royal Road to Savage 10ML-II Success

Nine Year Old Shane Biddle Bags His First Deer

EGW Dedicated Scope Base for Savage 10ML-II

Muzzleloading for Black Bear 2010

Hot Weather Shooting with the Savage 10ML-II

Mark Anthony's Awesome Whitetail Hunt

Lee Woiteshek's Record Season

Kerry Million's Savage Slam

Amanda's First Buck

New Savage 10ML-II Model for 2007

Notes from South Africa Part II: Kudu Bull

Notes from South Africa I: Warthog

Prepping the Savage 10ML-II for Africa

A Visit with Tony Knight: "The Father of Modern Muzzleloading"

Barnes Bullet / Sabot Selection Guide

Savage Praise from Alaska

YOUR REPRESENTATIVES MUST BE MADE AWARE OF THIS: The Facts About Firearms in the United States (Dr. Martin Fackler)

The Spinjag: A Fabulous Muzzleloading Accessory

Art Seaman's Savage Score

On Riflescopes

Pronghorn Slamification

Pronghorn Prep

Wounding Factors and Effectiveness FBI ACADEMY, QUANTICO, VIRGINIA

What is the Big Deal About Proof?

Savage 10ML-II Quick Start

Muzzleloading Sniper: The Bill Ball Interview

A Closer Look at Savage Accuracy Loads

The Fred Barnes Original Bullet for Muzzleloading

Favorite Savage 10ML-II Accessories

Dr. Fackler and Muzzleloading

What's Wrong with the Wound Ballistics Literature (M.L. Fackler, MD)

Smokeless Pioneer: An Interview with Henry C. Ball

Fast Track to Savage 10ML-II Shooting Success by Mark Anthony

The Savage 10-ML Story: "Instant Slamification"

As of 10/22/2012 Savage is no longer accepting orders for the 10ML-II muzzleloader.


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