Pronghorn Slamification

Prior to an upcoming pronghorn hunt, the 10ML-II was confirmed at both 102 yards and at 220 yards. The specific load selected was 57.1 grains N120 pushing a .458 Barnes Original 300 grain Spitzer Soft-point, housed in the current formulation orange .50 / .458 MMP sabot. A Winchester 209 primer, a .033 RW ventliner completes the array, topped off with a Bushnell Elite 3200 4 -12 x 40mm scope with a ballistic plex reticle. Muzzle velocity is approx. 2250 fps. As it stands, this is still the flattest flying muzzleloading projectile I've tested that can be shot with accuracy-- far flatter shooting than any 300 grain Precision Rifle bullet, and flatter shooting than the Hornady 300 gr. SST. It would be misleading to suggest that this of great importance inside 100 yards; it really isn't. As the range increases past 200 yards, it is of course critically important to vertical drop, and of even more importance in resistance to wind deflection.

Continued-- The only change made for the hunt was use of the hotter Federal 209 primers that I personally prefer to the always good Winchester 209s that seem to fit most 10ML-II breechplugs the best, yet I have rarely had issues with the Federals. The rifle was confirmed in Wyoming before being carried afield.

The preparation paid big dividends, as this 76 in. rough-scored pronghorn buck was dropped like a headshot goose @ a laser-verified 285 yards earlier this week. Very good mass in his stovepipe prongs. Hunting buddy J.J. Smithey is to my right. Hart, a somewhat quiet but quite experienced guide remarked he was impressed, and that he hadn't "seen knockdown like THAT" out of a rifle before. The Savage 10ML-II is far better than I am.

The specifics: Federal 209A primer, RW Ventliner, MMP Orange .50-.458 sabot, Barnes Original 300 gr. .458 Spitzer Soft Point bullet, pushed by 57.1 gr. Vihtavouri N120.

MPBR 6" kill = 213 yards using the Plainfield, IL, static BC of .260.

Scope is Bushnell Elite 3200 4-12 x 40mm AO with ballistic reticle (TDS style, 3 in. between the grids @100 yards) held by Warne Maxima QR medium rings on Weaver Grand Slam S46 steel bases.

To 220 yards, hold on hair. To 270 yards, use first grid line @12X. To 310 yards, use 2nd grid line @12X. To 350 yards, use the third grid line @ 12X. All shots are direct through-the-body holds.

Windage @ 300 yards, 10mph direct cross = 17.4 in.

Bullet retains over 1200 fpe to 350 yards.


© September 25, 2005 by Randy Wakeman




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