Mark Anthony's Awesome Whitetail Hunt

Just got back from an awesome whitetail hunt here in Central Arkansas.

Weather was great the last half of the week and the bucks where really cruising in pre rut here.

Thursday morning in a light rain I was fortunate to see a big 11 point with a 6" drop tine at about 85 yds. One word from the Savage and it was over really quick, he never took a step. Inside spread is 19".

B&C gross green score 154".

Friday morning my 23 yr old son who is shooting a blue synthetic version had a nice 10 pt. buck at 135 yds and same result, not a step to recovery. Inside Spread was 16 1/2".

B&C gross green score 127"

Saturday morning another 11 pt comes out of a young pine thicket chasing a doe when I saw him at 145 yds. He stopped between trees with his vitals covered, but his neck was open. Not a step, again. Inside spread was 18".

B&C gross green score 133".

Awesome hunt, but now I am out of buck tags. Son still has one though so I can help him find another nice buck for his last tag.

All 3 where shot with the 250 SST.

The first 2 kills exited in one piece with devasting internal damage, and both were broadside directly high shoulder hits.

The last that I shot in the neck did not exit and fragmented into many pieces but the outcome was just fine!

Legendary Whitetails  



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