Art Seaman's Savage Score!


Art Seaman is an experienced hunter who hails from Cadillac, Michigan. Earlier this year, Art called me to investigate whether the Savage 10ML-II was "as great as everyone says." I assured Art that no, it wasn't "as great" as he had heard-- it was BETTER. Art picked up a new Savage 10ML-II and dialed her in, in preparation for his whitetail hunt out West.

It was a storybook ending for Art; after a long week of hunting he has intermittently spotted a monster that had an affection for a tree in the middle of nowhere. Though hard to get to, surrounded by a whole bunch of nothing, on the last day of his hunt he decided to give it a go. Art was rewarded with this 300 pound plus beauty, that was no easy task getting out of the field. The load was 55 grains of Vihtavouri N120, pushing a Barnes Original .458 Spitzer Soft point within an MMP Orange sabot. This trophy went zero steps, and expired instantly with just two last faint kicks as dropped on the spot-- just plummeting straight down. According to Art, it was one of the most absolutely quick and devastating drops he has ever seen on a game animal.

Congratulations to Art Seaman-- that is a beautiful way to break in a new Savage, with a lot of horn to show for the effort:

© October, 2005 by Randy Wakeman




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