Savage Praise from Alaska

Hi Randy,

I called you on Tuesday in regards to the order I placed in December and of course received it on Wednesday. If I didn't call, I would still be waiting. It is called Post Office Karma. I have to call for it to show up! Like a lucky have to respect it and never take it off if you want the streak to continue.

Anyway,you can forward this one to Mr. Ball. I still believe that the Savage 10ML with the AccuTrigger is desgined to be more accurate and it is more accurately manufactured than it needs to be. As a bowhunter, I know what a kill zone is, and I know what one shot really means. As a handloader, I know what repeatability is, I know what consistency is and I know what accuracy is.

The Savage 10ML is the real deal, and me going out at 10 degree weather and shooting a 4 shot group of .6" from a new load recipe needs some explaining. First, every centerfire bolt action rifle I have shot has a load it prefers. It can be an identical load with a change in one variable that takes that load from acceptable to something that shoots so sweet it would make your mother cry. Second, I can hold my own shooting. If the optics, bullets, primers, sabots, and powders are all the same, then loads that work in one rifle would work well in another if that rifle was of equal quality. Knowing this, I can conclude that dimensionally the Savage 10ML barrels are all built to the same exacting tolerances. Same would need to be said about the recoil lug functionality, the quality of the trigger mechanism, and the stock. It is that attention to quality that allows my friend in Kansas to call me and give me some load data that really works for him and his Savage to really work for me and my Savage 10ml. That cannot be said about many load recipes for centerfire rifle cartridges.

I have no complaints only praise as I work through several of the "Tried and True" loads for the Savage 10ML and found I could shoot them as well or better than reported (sub MOA). Too bad other muzzle loaders cannot make that claim and be an excellent and consistent performer like the Savage 10ML.

My hat is off to you Mr. Ball as your design and Savage Arms manufacturing have raised the accuracy bar for all muzzle loaders.


Matt Moore
PO Box 140269
Anchorage, AK 99508-0269


© 2006 by Randy Wakeman


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