EGW Dedicated Scope Base for Savage 10ML-II

Evolution Gun Works has just released a one piece rail scope base specifically for the Savage 10ML-II muzzleloader. It is EGW part #41018, labeled as “Savage RB Muzzleloader” meaning it is suitable for all Savage 10ML-II AccuTrigger models, RB meaning round receiver front and rear. Like all EGW bases of this type, they are machined from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum billet, finished off with matte black hard anodizing.

The Savage 10ML-II is essentially the famous Savage 110 short action rifle mated with their magnum barrel, adapted for muzzleloading use. The 110 short action, now known as the Model 10, is a beefy action. I'd call it more of a medium action than a short or micro action. That brings us to one of the reasons why this base is so useful.

There has been a trend in riflescopes to make them increasingly shorter, stubbier, and lighter. You might have a preexisting scope you'd like to use on your Savage, but it may not fit without going the extension ring or extended bases route, or both. Too often, the sweater behind the counter might suggest the scope “you need,” but when you try to mount it you're fresh out of luck. Suggestions are also made as to “high” “low” or “medium” rings, but if you check the published dimensions from various ringmakers, you'll quickly discover that “medium” means different things according to different manufacturers. You'll also find that objective lens diameter of a scope is not very precise, as scopes with the same objectives have different outside diameters. No ring manufacturer knows what scope it is you want to mount, whether you want to retain the use of your iron sights or now, what type of scope caps or covers you want to use, and so it goes. There are even more variables than that.

In the sketch above, dimension "G" and dimension "H" aren't always equal. Such is the case with an outstanding scope for the money, the Burris Fullfield 2-7 x 35. Dimension G is 2.1 inches while dimension H is 2.4 inches. You don't have the same amount of tube to work with on both sides of the windage / elevation adjustment caps, so you might not be able to move the scope where you want it based on the shorter G dimension. This is common on several scopes, including the Leupold VX-3 2.5-8 x 36.

Contingent on your personal preferences, needs, and the particular application all of the above scopes might be the scope you'd like to use on your Savage 10ML-II. No two-piece base system can handle them all, but the EGW one-piece rail can.

Eye relief also varies. Some scopes have far more eye relief than necessary, forcing you to move the scope far forward. The Nikon Omega is such a scope, not remotely my cup of tea. It forces you to move the scope so far away from your eye that you end up looking at it, not through it, and likely find it tough to mount on your 10ML-II. Somewhat sadly, it is marketed as a "muzzleloader scope."

Contingent on the hunt, you might want to mount a Sightron Red Dot, an Aimpoint, or a Holosite. Stand bases can be problematic, offering you a total of two Weaver slots. The EGW base has seventeen slots, allowing you to easily mount most any sighting device with no hassle. With most scopes with a 42mm objective or smaller, Warne steel Maxima "low" rings will do the job with room to spare. If you're not sure, consult the scope and base dimensions before you buy taking into consideration scope caps and other accessories you'd like to use.

This same style of EGW base has already been very well received for the Savage 220F 20 gauge rifled slug gun and also the very popular Savage Edge series of centerfire rifles. In both of these cases, the Savage action used is a "long" type action, longer than the 10ML-II action so the mounting of scopes can be all the more tricky with the short and stubby genre of scopes.

The EGW one-piece rail is a problem-solver. They run $39.99 and are available from EGW directly. Personally, I'd rather have a couple extremely high quality riflescopes than dozens of the Chinese bubble-pack variety. If you feel the same way, you can outfit your Savages with EGW rails and, using Warne Maxima "low"Quick Release rings, swap scopes from Savage to Savage in a flash. It is a good, very practical way to go.


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