Savage 10ML-II: Results from Ted Keaton, Greg Abdoe, & Danny Simon


Ted Keaton writes:

Hey Randy,

I had to share these groups with someone who'd appreciate them (laugh). I may not do this again in my lifetime. I'm still a rookie with firearms, but had success with archery... so at least I know about form and aiming. My bench is terrible, my seat was too high, and I was not relaxed at all... but the gun shot two excellent three shot groups. I was amazed really.

This was with the factory 2011 Savage 10ML-II blued /synthetic, with the 300gr Parker Match Hunter ... 59 gr of VV N120 (that you helped me get with a simple phone call this year). 100 yds... cool, no wind.

Boy that load packs a wallop!! Very slight cut on the bridge of my nose where my scope bumped my safety glasses one time. (new rubber frames ordered). I had spoken with Bob Parker when ordering the bullets, and was going to try 60 gr., but the cap on the little plastic container wouldn't completely close with 60... good thing I'd say.

As always, thanks for your help Randy ... Ted

Greg Abdoe writes:

Hi Jeannie & Randy,

Thanks for locating the Vihtavuori N120 powder.

Hunted 67 days and looked over 275 Bux until I found one that made me
say out loud, WOW!!! Then, it was Doe season and the Eagles rewards!

Greg Abdoe
SE Iowa

Danny Simon writes:

You probably think these bullets are getting awful boring. These were my first 3 shots with the Parker match hunter, mmp short black sabot, and 58gr. N 120.

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