Testimony to Savage 10ML-II Quality & Strength

Sent: 12/4/2014 7:41:44 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Savage ML II Quality

Mr. Wakeman, I would like to share an incident that happen to me today at the range. What could have been a deadly mistake just turned into embarrassment, hurt pride, a messed up rifle and a lighter wallet. I just thank God no one was injured.

I had taken my Savage 50CAL. ML II gun hunting with me last week. It was loaded with Accurate 5744 powder, 3.4 dipper, 300 gr. Hornady bullet with MMP black sabot. I went to the range today to sight in a few guns and to shoot my muzzleloader. I accidentally double loaded the gun, powder and bullet and when fired the gun kick the S#*t out of me. Not knowing what and why this happened I tried several more shots only to find a gun that would not sight in. The bullet would almost drop down the barrel the last few inches.

I'm writing this to you for two reasons. First please keep reminding your readers to double check, triple check their muzzleloaders for instance such as this. Safety, Safety, Safety. Secondly I feel that with the quality of the Savage barrel that was the only thing keeping me from serious injury or death. Any other gun I feel would have blown up with unthinkable results.

Feel free to use this example for your readers. Just keep my name out of it. I've had enough embarrasment and hurt pride to last a for a long time.


Hello Bill,

Yes, for countless reasons, it is easy to get side-tracked. Use of a witness mark on the ramrod absolutely, positively, mechanically prohibits a double load scenario . . . if it is used. Of small consolation is that of the 40,000 or so Savage 10ML series rifles currently in use, this type of bench error is more common than you might think, for over one hundred shooters have told me that they have done the same thing. You are far from alone.

Thanks for sharing your story: I'm happy to pass it along. If a double-load happens, if you shoot out a ramrod, then never attempt to fire the rifle again and send it off to Savage.

Safety first and always . . . then have a great hunt. Thanks, Bill.



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