Parker Match Hunter & Savage 10ML-II, Third Chapter: Reloder 7


Today was a beautiful day in Northern Illinois, a day far too nice to not be outdoors. Reloder 7 was one of the first Savage 10ML suggested propellants. Since we already have some data with Vihtavuori N120 and Accurate 2015 out of the Savage 10ML-II with the 300 grain Parker Match Hunter, it was time to get some range time in with Reloder 7.

A clean target and three shots, .108 inch center to center at 100 yards, with the Parker Match Hunter 300 grain. I'm advised that this just goes to show what can happen when you flinch correctly. All groups shot with 65 gr. Alliant Reloder 7 hit 3/4 inch CTC or better.

65 grains by weight pushed the 300 grain Parker MH at an average 2157 fps 15 ft. velocity. A moderate velocity, it was also extremely soft-shooting. The best 100 yard three shot group measured .108 inch center to center, the best 10ML-II group I've shot this year. It was backed up by several groups inside 3/4 inch. The average chronographed velocity was slightly less the the 2267 fps predicted by Hartmut Broemel's "Quickload" software.

I don't like to shoot through chronographs at range, as one flyer and it can be new chrono time. The image above shows a recent example. When the bullets are all going into the same hole, my confidence was where it needed to be. The "shooting 100 yard G1 B.C" is .370 for the Parker Match Hunter.

So, right now, we have several solid loads for the Parker Match Hunter 300 grain, short black MMP sabot, and Federal 209A primers. What load works best in your Savage 10ML-II, I have no idea. It takes a little test and trial to find out, just like for any rifle.

Updated Chrono Data 10/22/2011

65 grains Reloder 7 @ 2244 fps (62 grain start load)

67 grains Reloder 7 @ 2303 fps (62 grain start load)

60 grains Vihtavuori N120 @ 2356 fps (57 grain start load)

70 grains Accurate 2015 @ 2194 fps (65 grain start load)

My current preferences are 65 gr. Reloder 7 or 59 gr. Vihtavuori N120.

Above: Sighted in three inches high at a 200 yard zero , std. atmosphere, 1.5 inch scope height above centerline of your bore, you have a center of the body hold (six inch kill) load to approx. 250 yards. Naturally, you'll need to confirm this in your individual rifle prior to any hunt.

All three of these propellants are short-cut, extruded grain powders. N120 and Accurate 2015 are single-base, while Reloder 7 is, coincidentally, seven percent nitro. Reloder 7 was originally made domestically, but is now made in Sweden by Bofors. All three of these propellants meter well and all are extremely clean burning.


For more info on the Parker Match Hunter and other projectiles see: or just call Bob directly @ 208-596-8430.


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