Parker Revamps the Ballistic Extreme Muzzleloading Bullet Line

The .45 caliber / 50 caliber sabot Parker “Ballistic Extreme” bullets have been the best selling Parker bullets for some time, with the 275 grain Ballistic Extreme the top-selling whitetail bullet. Just this month, August, 2012, Bob Parker has completed a redesign of the line, now all standardized at .451 diameter, and has expanded the line with a 300 grain offering as well. The details are as follows, from Parker Productions.

Bullet Weights:  250, 275 and 300 gr.
Ballistic Coefficient Sectional Density
250 gr. BC = .267 
SD = .176
275 gr. BC =.296   SD = .194
300 gr. BC =.324   SD = .212 
Bullet Diameter .451 (all Parker Ballistic Extreme and Match Hunters now standardized to this diameter)
1.      Thickness  .015
2.      Material C-210 copper (95% copper 5% zinc)
Core: 99.9% pure lead
Tip: Polymer
Terminal Expectations:
1.      Good expansion and penetration with standard muzzleloaders
2.      Dramatic Terminal Performance, with high velocity smokeless weapons

The 300 grain version (above) has the greatest appeal for me, personally, with the significantly higher than average ballistic coefficient and better sectional density than the 250 or 275 grain versions. According to Bob, the C-210 jackets are "prettier than a speckled puppy under a red wagon" or something approaching that. They are affordable as well, selling in bulk for $115 per hundred.

Deer hunters should find this bullet ideal, while those in search of the flattest possible trajectory will likely want to stick with the Parker Match Hunter 300 grain (.418 G1 B.C.).

The main differences are the 15 thousandths jacket of the Ballistic Extreme vs. the far tougher 28 thousandths jacket of the Match Hunter. For relatively thin-skinned game or moderate velocities, the 300 grain Ballistic Extreme should be ideal. For high velocities, tougher animals, or shoulder shots . . . the Match Hunter would likely get your nod.

Above are starting point exterior ballistics for the 300 grain Ballistic Extreme using a 2250 fps muzzle velocity. This load is approximately a 220 yard (six inch kill zone) Maximum Point Blank Range loading.

Bob Parker can generally be found somewhere inside his secret inner sanctum of ultimate bullet mystery at .



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