On Riflescopes

Over the years, I've examined and compared what seems to be an endless parade of scopes. Few topics are the source of more highly animated exchanges than riflescopes, though it sure has been a long time since the days of Galileo. Some continually seek wondrous optics for under $100-- that, I'm afraid, just do not exist. For the best "deal," you really have to do your own shopping-- though sometimes I'm forced to wonder why 14 hours on the Internet to save six dollars on a riflescope could be considered more than just a silly squandering of time.

For the scopes that I've used on the Savage 10ML-II and been very pleased with, I'll cite what I feel are very good hunting scopes suitable for big game hunting during legal hunting hours in North America. Rather than comprehensively grade these scopes here, I'll just say that I believe that they are worthy of your consideration. What were the better scopes years ago are unlikely to be the better choices now, anymore than the car of the year in 1985 would rate anything more than a wonderfully adequate grade today-or any mechanical device that relies on extremely close machining tolerances for performance and longevity.

Burris Signature Select 3-10 x 40mm Ballistic Plex

As close as an ideal hunting scope for most all hunting rifles for my needs, a full review appears here: http://www.chuckhawks.com/burris_signature_select_3-10.htm . It is hard to get truly excited about scopes for me these days-but this Signature Select sure did impress me. It is one of the finest scopes I've ever tested; absolutely the finest in recent memory.

Bushnell Elite 3200 series

Bushnell Elite 3200 Scopes have been universally impressive; particularly the 3-9 x 40, the new 3-10 x 40, and the 4-12 x 40 AO Ballistic Reticle. They represent the breakpoint of quality riflescopes on the market today. Expect the fabulous RainGuard coating, hammer-forged tubes, and 90% or so light transmission throughout the Elite 3200 line. A review of the Elite 3200 4-12 x 40 AO Ballistic Reticle scope is here: http://www.chuckhawks.com/bushnell_elite_3200_4-12x.htm .

Sightron SII series

A few years ago, I couldn't even spell "Sightron." One of the fastest growing scope makers, use of their SII 3-9 x 42 or SII 3-12 x 42 Mil-Dot scopes are two of the best examples of why that is. Two of the clearest reasons to consider the Sightron SII line is their ExacTrac adjustment system, generous internal adjustment range, relatively light weight, and absolutely the best warranty policy in all of scopeland today.

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