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George Trulock and Company continues to expand their massive choke tube offerings as market conditions allow. For 2013, Trulock has announced Browning Invector Double Seal replacement choke in both Precision Hunter and Sporting Clay versions. Eight standard constrictions are now available—Cylinder, Skeet, Improved Cylinder, Light Modified, Modified, Improved Modified, Full, and Extra-Full—plus three extra-tight turkey configurations. The factory Browning Invector-DS tubes have been a real headache. NRA members can refer to a recent issue of the American Rifleman where the factory Browning IC tube (Citori 725 Field) produced a pathetic 43% 40 yard pattern percentage with Federal Premium Gold Medal loads. Help is needed, to make an understatement, and if you have a new Browning 725 or a new Browning A5, you'll be delighted to have some better choices available from Trulock.

Trulock has two new lines of CZ choke tubes for 2013, both in Precision Hunter and Sporting Clay versions which add to the flush chokes already offered for CZ branded shotguns. Actually, I have a new CZ 920 coming in so that will offer an opportunity to compare the Trulock performance to CZ OEM chokes.

Finally, Trulock has released their new “Waterfowl 3 Pack” choke sets for:

Beretta/Benelli Mobil Choke
Browning Invector Plus and Invector
Crio Plus (Benelli)
Rem Choke

Designed to take the headache away from fighting factory choke tubes, they are designated as “Close Range, Mid-Range, and Long Range,” are suitable for all shot types including tungsten alloys in addition to steel (and lead), come complete with a Trulock hard case, and look to fullfill the vast majority of your hunting choke needs in one fell swoop.

George Trulock began manufacturing choke tubes more than 30 years ago, working, in 1981, on a system that could be retrofitted into most shotgun barrels without the use of an adaptor, and installed without the use of machine tools. George named this system the “Tru-Choke” (short for Trulock) and started commercial sales in 1982. It has been in continuous production since that time.

Today, Trulock Choke Tubes has more than 2,000 choke tubes in its extensive and comprehensive lineup, offering something for nearly every shotgun sporting and hunting enthusiast. Available in a variety of finishes and styles, all Trulock Choke Tubes are made of 17-4 PH stainless steel, some of the most durable and rust-resistant material available, and every choke is covered by both a lifetime warranty and a total satisfaction 60-day money back guarantee.


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