Trulock Choke Tubes Dove Chokes

The top game bird in the United States is likely the dove, with 20 million or so killed annually. Hunters in the United States take some 19 million waterfowl each year as well.

Before we get too darn excited about our collective hunting prowess, consider that Automobiles kill 340 million birds a year. Cats kill even more than automobiles, and collisions with buildings kill more than autos as well. Lead shot was never a significant factor. The problem is always habitat. More roads, more traffic, more buildings, more wind turbines, more people with cats . . . less birds every time. It should be obvious that lead shot was never a significant factor in any of this.

In any case, on average it takes about five shotshells expended for each recovered bird. Doves don't get a great deal of respect, comparatively, to other game birds. As a result, shotshells and chokes for dove hunting are routinely ignored compared to other hunting sectors, like wild turkey.

No choke tube or shotshell has ever made anyone a better shot, of course, practice does that, but by using the best combination of choke and shotshell for the task at hand, you'll get more birds and use less ammunition and you'll be a more satisfied and less hungry hunter. Trulock's mid-range Dove Choke, actual constriction of .017 inch, produced 80% patterns with Federal Hi-Bird 1-1/4 oz., 1330 fps, #7-1/2 loads at 35 yards. It also produced similar pattern efficiency with the Federal Hi-Bird 1-1/8 oz. 1275 fps #7-1/2 oz. load. How does your choke and load stack up?

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