New Semi-Autos: Picks and Pans

Briefly, Mossberg has hit a home run with the 940 JM Pro, substantially improving the already successful Mossberg 930 platform to the delight of 3-gun shooters everywhere. It is a big win for Mossberg. See the video at .

Benelli Montefeltro Walnut / Blued  $1129 MSRP
Browning A5 Hunter Walnut / Blued $1669 MSRP
Retay Gordion Walnut / Blued $899 MRSP

Only the Retay Gordion has no “Benelli Click”
Only the Retay ships in a lockable hard case
Only the Retay gives you five choke tubes
Only the Retay has Bohler Steel barrels
Only the Retay Gordion has waterfowl models with speed unloading, starting at $799 MSRP

Retay, with their new Gordion, now has the best for the money inertia gun on the market with their proven Inertia-Plus action that eliminates the Benelli Click. With a machined alloy trigger group and Bohler steel barrels, it puts the Benelli Montefeltro (and others) to shame in both price and performance. The Gordion is the shotgun that many say they have always wanted. I talk about the Gordion here: .

The Savage Renegauge, presented as a hunting gun, is too pricey, too heavy (about 8 lbs.), too front heavy, and a bit too cosmetically unappealing to compete with the pre-existing, far better value Remington V3. Patrick R. Kelly does a fine job going over the Renegauge here: . The weight and the price remain off-putting.

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