The Reason for Federal Heavyweight #6 for Turkey

Conventional lead turkey loads have long been available in #4, 5, and #6 shot. Number 6 shot patterns “look” better at 40 yards, only because of the higher pellet count from the same payload. It doesn't mean a higher pattern percentage or better pattern efficiency, it just appears to be “better.” At shorter ranges, it may well be the more desirable pattern.

The same is true with Federal Heavyweight #7, which produces impressively saturated targets with the right choke. The reason for larger diameter shot in lead, or from any other parent material, is penetration. At longer ranges, less then optimal target presentations, shooting through light ground cover, higher retained velocity and better penetration means more lethal pellets, at the cost of reduced pellet count. The difference is astounding.

Federal Heavyweight #6 with its 15 gram / cc density is the equivalent of firing lead #2 shot. At 50 yards, Federal Heavyweight #6 has the same retained velocity and the same penetration as #2 lead, with a dramatically higher pellet count: 268 pellets vs. 144 pellets assuming the same 1-5/8 oz. payload. It actually has a higher pellet count than #4 lead, very close to #5 lead, yet with the 50 yard performance of #2 lead.

You'll have to choke accordingly, naturally, but the downrange performance of 15g / cc tungsten shot allows you to drop a full four shot sizes vs. lead, making Federal Heavyweight #6 an impressive choice for long range turkey or geese.



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