September, 2015 Shotgun Updates

There have been many calls and e-mails about the Remington V3 autoloader. Unfortunately, Remington has been unresponsive so there is no reliable word as far likely shipping dates. It was “soon,” then late spring, then early summer, then late summer, then October. Most folks aren't going to buy a new hunting shotgun late in the season, no doubt Remington is well aware of that. For many folks, it might as well be considered 2016 product. I have no idea what problems there are making them available and Remington is silent on the issue. There is production scheduled for October as of this writing (9/15/2015), but just being placed on a schedule is no guarantee of anything.

A similar situation exists with the fairly economical Weatherby O/U, the Turkish-made “Orion-I” that retails for $1099.99 and is to be offered in 12 gauge only. Cabela's has them listed right now for $899.99, an entry-level O/U price point. I do expect the Weatherby's to be available sooner rather than later, as this isn't at all a new design: it appears to be a variation of the ATA SP series. ATA has done a good job working with Weatherby in the SA-08 12 and 20 gauges, essentially the ATA CY series gas autoloaders, so hope springs eternal for the Orion-I.

It is somewhat old news by now, but the normally clever and well-managed Ruger completely stuffed up their new Red Label O/U, discovering all too late that they couldn't manufacture them without losing money. That once again puts Sturm, Ruger out of the shotgun business for the foreseeable future.

Apparently, the Benelli Vinci autoloader is selling poorly. That's good news for those who might be interested in a 28 inch black version, for the $1449 retail model has been quickly rebranded as “Benelli Vinci Limited” and now sells for $1099 at Cabela's, Academy, and so on. Same gun, supplied with one choke tube instead of three.

The Browning Cynergy Field models are out. I've already reviewed a 20 gauge: , and at its current street price of $1600 or so, they are stunningly good bargains.

The best 12 gauge field autoloader I've seen in the last decade is the Fabarm L4S. At $1100 or so street price it is not only a terrific shotgun, but an outstanding value as well. It is the hit of 2015, as far as I'm concerned.


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