Why Ported Barrels? Browning Ported Barrels Survey

A voluntary, anonymous poll was conducted for readers of Shotgun World in late January, 2014. The question concerned ported barrels and Browning “Sporting Models.” The purpose was not to pick at the Browning brand, but asking about Browning and porting was inevitable, for Browning is the only major label in the United States that offers only ported barrels in most of their sporting O/U models. Most quality O/U manufacturers don't offer ported barrels at all.

The survey was multiple choice.

"I hate barrel porting."  54% 

"I love barrel porting."  6% 

"I don't care either way." 40% 

The majority of the respondents selected “I hate barrel porting,” 54%.
96% of the respondents either selected “I hate barrel porting” or “I don't care either way.”
Only 6% selected, “I love barrel porting.”


It seems clear that Browning would please more customers and sell more guns if they offered their sporting stackbarrels without porting.


Porting, in a shotgun application, cannot work well: . It seems that most consumers are finding that out.


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