Remington V3 Update March 4, 2016

The Remington V3 Field Sport autoloader has been shipping in quantity since January. Four models are shipping and available: 26 and 28 inch barrel black synthetic, 26 inch Mossy Oak Break Up Country camo, and 28 inch Mossy Oak Blades camo. Something like 9000 V3's have already shipped.

The walnut versions of the V3 are currently scheduled for August, 2016 or so.

The V3 is shim-adjustable. The additional metal shims are not yet available, but they are expected within a couple of months. V3 models produced after that time will be shipped with shims included in the box. The same shims are used in the polymer and walnut stocks. For those that want to add optics, the V3 (which is already drilled and tapped) takes the same base as does the Versa Max.

Although originally, the V3 was scheduled to be shipped with just one Remchoke, that was changed to three RemChokes: the traditional designations of IC, MOD, and FULL. Unlike most shotguns, the supplied “FULL” Remchoke is approved for steel shot.

The Remington SuperCell pad is standard equipment on the synthetic and synthetic camo models. The walnut version will have a ground pad, likely the vented type, and that will be the case on essentially all walnut-stocked Remington firearms moving forward due to aesthetic considerations.

The recommended cleaning interval for the gas piston channels is 2000 rounds. You use a .40 caliber bore brush as mentioned in the owners manual.

As far as other configurations of the Remington V3, you can expect not just the walnut models, but higher grade walnut-stocked models with polished blue as well, perhaps clays versions. You can also expect tactical / folding stock versions as well, different camo and finish options, and also a 20 gauge V3 eventually. There are no scheduled production runs for these configurations yet that I am aware of or have so much as heard of. Some will be 2017 product, of course, and even if announced in November or December, they are essentially 2017 products, regardless.


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