Shotgun News & Updates: July, 2015

The Remington V3 is delayed until October, 2015. Remington has this to say, as of a few days ago:


We will begin production week of July 27th and continue building every week.  We are a little late getting started due to extended endurance testing proving out some key dimensions.  Unfortunately, doing extended endurance testing is time consuming and there is no way to accelerate it.  We have elected to build inventory in August and September with shipments commencing in October.  We realize we will miss early dove and teal seasons but felt it was more important to start shipping once we had a respectable quantity versus small shipments weekly.  We appreciate your and everyone else’s patience. 

Nice Shot ( is non-responsive and has little in the way of available product. It is a shame, for their no tox shot is excellent.

The Fabarm L4S autoloader is soon to be available and I'm really looking forward to this model.

The new Browning Cynergy models are late in coming out: still waiting for updated info.

Weatherby's voluntary recall of the SA-08 (28 gauge only) is finally going smoothly.

'Due to low demand, the Ithaca M37 (in 16 gauge) may not be produced again. If you want one in 16 gauge, now is the time.

According to several dealers, the Benelli Vinci sales are low. Despite its unusual aethetics, I found it to be an excellent hunting gun. In what has to be frustrating for Benelli, the Super Black Eagle II (sometimes called the “Redneck Rolex”) is a stronger seller.

The new Weatherby ecomomical O/U 12 gauge and their inertia line is expected soon, but nothing to test and review has arrived as of yet.

--Randy Wakeman

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