Where Can I Get Good Shotgun Barrel Work Done?


This is a question that I'm often asked, but I've never directly addressed before. Want to add screw chokes to a fixed bore gun for added versatility? Want your forcing cones lengthed? Want absolute expert work, with remarkably fair prices and rapid turnaround?

There is only one barrelsmith that I would recommend without hesitation or reservation. He's done superb yet affordable work for me and the number of his fans and supporters grow with each passing year. His work is universally considered expert. He is Mike Orlen, the "Barrel Mechanic."

Mike will cut barrels and rebead, open up old solid full chokes to more moderate chokings, bend your stock for you if desired, polish and extend your forcing cones, line-bore then thread your barrel for George Trulock "Tru-Chokes," and so forth. Rather than just type my recollection of his capabilities, here is a partial listing of what he can do. For more exotic work, you'll want to contact Mike directly.

I'm delighted to be able to recommend Mike Orlen. In fact, Mike has no idea that I am doing so at the moment. I'm doing it though simply because he does outstandingly good work-- and deserves mention of it and credit for his efforts over the years.

Mike Orlen, 79 Salem Street, Amherst, MA 01002

Phone: (413) 256-1630 Fax: (413) 253-5665



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