Big Game Hunting

A Cool Iowa Whitetail Hunt

Hunting Cartridge External Ballistics

A brief Blue Wildebeest Video

The Mythology of the Correct Big Game Cartridge, the Mystery of Thin-Skinned Game, and Nutty Rating Systems

South African Red Hartebeest: Video Discussion with Ke Monati Safaris

South African Blesbok: A Video Visit with Ke Monati Safaris

Hunting in South Africa Part Three: Blue Wildebeest

Hunting in South Africa Part Two: Red Hartebeest

Hunting in South Africa Part One: Blesbok

Hornady Superformance and a Missouri Whitetail

Nine Year Old Shane Biddle Bags His First Deer

Muzzleloading for Black Bear 2010

Savage 10ML-II Video

Mark Anthony's Awesome Whitetail Hunt

Lee Woiteshek's Record Season

Kerry Million's Savage Slam

Amanda's First Buck

Notes from South Africa Part II: Kudu Bull

Notes from South Africa I: Warthog

Prepping the Savage 10ML-II for Africa

YOUR REPRESENTATIVES MUST BE MADE AWARE OF THIS: The Facts About Firearms in the United States (Dr. Martin Fackler)

Muzzleloading Big Game Bullet Selection

Art Seaman's Savage Score

Pronghorn Slamification

Pronghorn Prep

Terminal Performance in Muzzleloading

Wounding Factors and Effectiveness FBI ACADEMY, QUANTICO, VIRGINIA

Dr. Fackler and Muzzleloading

What's Wrong with the Wound Ballistics Literature (M.L. Fackler, MD)


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