The Gun Crime Lie

The gun crime lie begins, like many wrongful beliefs, with lies that are repeated so loudly and so often their people actually believe the lie, merely because they have heard it again and again. So it goes with shameless (or just plain ignorant) media and political figures that blurb out commentary about the “Gun Crime Epidemic.”

There is no gun crime epidemic, not at all, the exact opposite is true. The highly respected Pew Research Center has covered this: . The gun homicide rate in the United States is down, way down, dropping 49% since the 1993 peak. When you have a problem diminished by about 50% over the last twenty-two years, no sane person could call it an “epidemic.” You'd have to be quite remarkably insane to come to that conclusion. It does indeed make President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton either ignorant, insane, or serial liars: you can take your pick on that one.

The American people obviously do not trust their government, for Barack Obama is the greatest gun-salesman in United States history. Under Barack Obama, more Americans have purchased firearms than every before, such an incredible rise that it has lead to unprecedented firearm and ammunition shortages. There are far more guns in the hands of the ordinary American citizen than ever before, yet gun crime continues to drop.

Anytime something does not fit an agenda, you have to label it. Anytime you hear the word “loophole,” you know it is supposed to be a bad thing. So it goes with the invented term, “Gun Show Loophole.” I started going to gun shows and outdoor shows with my Dad since I was five years old. At five years old, I was already shooting .22 rifles and pistols, and dove-hunting with my Dad with a shotgun. I shot a Marlin lever-action rifle, a High Standard automatic pistol, and a Mossberg shotgun long before I ever had a BB gun.

Gun Shows and Outdoor “Hunting and Fishing Shows” are held in the light of day, publicly advertised, well-organized, and in public places such as fairgrounds. Not only is the general public invited, law enforcement is as well. State, local, and Federal law enforcement is invariably in attendance and these public shows are very easy to monitor by law enforcement officials. Now, how smart do we have to be to understand that ending Gun Shows drives private transactions into garages and alleys all across the country, making laws impossible to enforce?

There is scant little enforcement of gun laws already on the books. There are about 70,000 denials of gun purchases a year in the United States. In 2010, for example, there were a grand total of 44 cases prosecuted by the Obama administration. This isn't a typo: just 44 prosecutions out of roughly 70,000 gun-related crimes the government is well-aware of. By no measure of reality are the laws on the books being enforced. It is so bad, so dismal, so incompetent that no one could make this stuff up.

New York City is the heroin capital of the country; twenty per cent of all the heroin confiscations and arrests nationwide happen here. How long has heroin been banned? Cocaine? What about Manchester, New Hampshire? According to the New Hampshire's bureau of Emergency Medical Services the life saving anti-overdose drug Naloxone (commonly known as Narcan) has been administered by Hillsborough County in more than 2,000 incidents in 2015. Drug overdoses have doubled in many areas since 2013: there is your epidemic.

Illegal drug use does not come from Pharmacy Shows, of course, and no one inanely suggests a “Pharma Show Loophole.” Yet, by inventing the “Gun Show Loophole” it can do nothing but create a larger black market for guns where no effective law enforcement is practical, plausible, or possible. No one believes your local drug dealer or gang-banger has any problems whatsoever getting firearms and ammunition with his next heroin shipment, and no one believes that professional criminals, drug dealers, or gang-bangers submit to background checks or background check themselves. Take a really dumb drug dealer with a criminal record, that decides to lie on Federal Form 4473 to try to illegally obtain a gun. If he gets caught, his chances of being prosecuted are laughable: about 44 in 70,000 in 2010.

How did our political leaders get this sea-slug stupid?


Randy Wakeman

Copyright 2016 by Randy Wakeman. All Rights Reserved.



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