October 2015 Update: Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen, Merkel, T/C Strike Muzzleloader . . .

Those that were dismayed at the demise of the LHR Redemption muzzleloader will be happy to learn that it has been picked up by Thompson / Center. The “T/C Strike” muzzleloader, MSRP starting at $499, is the same muzzleloader with the only change I am aware of being the T/C QLA at the muzzle.

The Browning A5 “Sweet Sixteen” is coming back, sort of. It isn't an Auto-5, it is an inertia (kinematic) action as is the “new A5” 12 gauge. But, it is a 16 gauge, has what Browning calls “Double-Seal 3” choke tubes, and is the first new 16 gauge autoloader in who knows how long.

According to Weatherby, general availability of their new Orion I 12 gauge O/U has been delayed until December.

There is still no word on Remington V3 autoloader availability: it might as well be considered 2016 product at this late date.

Browning is also reintroducing loaded ammunition: essentially Olin-Winchester product in Browning packaging.

Merkel has introduced the R15 bolt action center-fire rifle, retailing at $799 in walnut, $699 in synrthetic. A walnut R15 in .270 Winchester is on its way to review.


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