High Praise for the Savage 220 20 Gauge Slug Gun


Just wanted to send a quick thank you on the gun review you posted on the Savage 220F 20 gauge. I have been a shotgun hunter here in New York for 30+ years and the review you did on this gun prompted me to purchase one and set it up just like you wrote about in your article.

Since then I have taken a few deer with the original I bought gun but this past Friday put the hammer down on a buck at 227 yards with my Savage. My biggest deer to date and by far best shot at distance (double lung hit). It is topped with the Bushnell 3200 Elite riflescope with the ballistic reticle.I was shooting the Remington Accutip’s as well.

In addition, pictures of my oldest daughter’s first buck, my son’s first buck, my youngest daughters first buck my friends first buck and my nephew’s first buck all taken with a Savage. I now own two, convinced my two brothers to buy them, and my friend as well.

Thanks again for the information and keep up the good work. You made me change how I think about using a shotgun to harvest deer and all these pictures of happy hunters were possible because of your work.You might not get a chance to see what your research does so I thought I would share. Lots of smiles for those kids. Much appreciated.

Peter Schlee, Hamburg, New York


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