The High Quality Soft Shotgun Case by Thomas Ferney & Co.

This is the 53 inch “Waxed 24 oz. Quilted Canvas & Leather Gun Case” by Thomas Ferney. It is a beautifully made soft case that looks like a $300 custom soft case. The 53 inches is the overall length of the case, not the length of the shotgun is will properly contain and protect.

It fits a Fabarm L4S Grey Hunter with a 26 inch barrel perfectly. The overall length of my Fabarm L4S, the way I have it set up, is 46-3/4 inches. There is a little bit of extra room, about two inches and change, but this case is going to fit shotguns (or unscoped rifles) of 49 inches in length, or less. This case is also offered in 50 and 47 inch lengths, but in terms of usable interior length, you can subtract four inches or so. The 53 inch is the way to go for most of the hunting shotguns that I have and of course if you use extended chokes, that lengthens the gun by an inch or so as well the way it is used.

Not everyone puts a premium on gun protection out in the field. My favorite hunting partner, my late Dad, often just went the flimsy sleeve route. If you have happy, energetic dogs for example, a fine shotgun can pay a hefty rack-rash type price for that.

If you take pride in your shotgun, appreciate burgundy leather and quilted canvas construction, you'll enjoy this case that is also well-padded beneath the soft flannel interior. It is at a very appealing price for this level of quality: $75, and you can find it here: .

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