SunJack Solar Charger with Power Bank

The Sunjack “Portable Solar Panel with USB for Cell Phones, iPad Battery, Backpacking, Camping, Hiking” is a limited use product, sold on Amazon and elsewhere, including from the website: . It does work as described in direct sunlight, but does have a few drawbacks.

The entire package weighs close to two pounds which does not compare well with lighter units such as the Ankers 15W PowerPort Solar Light that weighs 12.5 ounces, is far thinner, and costs about $50 for the charger sans battery. Other units, like the one pound RavPower 16W RP-008 sell for even less (about $40). In the case of the RavPower, you have 16 watt 3.2 amp charging power compared to the 1.5 amp output of the Sunjack unit.

At $149, a bit less on Amazon ($129.95), this Sunjack unit is just not competitive with Ankers and RavPower which are both lighter in weight and have a lighter impact on the wallet as well, as you can add your choice of numerous 10,000 mah battery packs for $25 or a bit less.

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