Is the Sightron S-TAC2-10X32HHR2 the Hunting Scope You've Been Looking For?

It very well might be. There are some problems with 30mm tube scopes. Not a performance problem, but a weight problem. The larger than 1 inch tube is stronger, has more room for internal adjustments, but they can get heavy in a hurry. The heaviest part of a riflescope is often the glass: with large objectives rifle scopes may quickly sail past 1-1/4 lbs. into the 1-1/2 pound arena. Not exactly ideal for carrying around all day. Let's take a peek at the Sightron specs.

Item Number:


Sku Number:


Model Name:




Object Diameter (mm):


Fov (ft@100 Yds.):


Eye Relief (in.):


Reticle Type:


Click Value (@100 Yds.):

1/4 MOA

Minutes Per Revolution:

15 MOA

W/E Travel (@100 Yds.):

100 MOA

Knob Style:

Hunting (Resettable)

Focus Type:


Parallax Range:

Fixed at 100yds


Matte Black



Fully Multi Coated:

Yes (Zact-7 TM 7-Layer)

Weight (oz.):


Length (in.):


Tube Diameter:


It is a one pound scope, light compared to many 30mm scope scopes. The Sightron has a very, very generous 100 MOA of internal adjustments. When you run out of adjustment trying to sight in a new scope, it is no fun. Many scopes out there have only 40 – 50 inches of internal adjustments: the Sightron has fully double that.

Scopes of this glass quality can also get expensive in a hurry. This scope, with the Hunter Holdover Reticle Two, sells at about $350 and at about $300 for a standard duplex reticle. This scope's bigger brother, the S-TAC 3-16 x 42mm, came out in a dead heat for the brightest scope I've recently tested, during the end of evening civil twilight hours. This S-TAC 2-10 x32 is lighter, has more internal adjustment, and costs a bit less as well. The HHR-2 reticle is based on a 2.6 MOA 300 yard, 5.6 MOA 400 yard, and 9.2 MOA 500 yard aiming points.

Let's say you were using the 6.5 Creedmoor 143 gr ELD-X Precision Hunter load that has about a 2700 fps muzzle velocity and 7.9 inches of drop at 300 yards. The 300 yard line of the S-TAC is 2.6 MOA, or 8.166 inches at 300 yards. The HHR-2 reticle works well with that load, and many other 6.5 Creedmoor or .270 Winchester hunting rounds. Though I had the impression that the HHR2 reticle was excessively busy, in actual practice that isn't the case.

It does have quick focus on the ocular end and the metal on metal adjustments are remarkably crisp. This is a scope that will not overwhelm lighter hunting rifles, yet offers the 30mm tube strength and generous internal adjustment range that many people want.

There are scopes that are a bit more versatile, but not by much. The problem is that they often weigh about 1-1/2 pounds and run upwards of $550. This Sightron is far easier to carry (15.8 oz. as measured) and far easier on the wallet as well. The basic S-TAC duplex 2-10 x 32mm is living pretty large for $300 street price. This specific Sightron is an overlooked gem, a scope that offers the primary benefits of the 30mm tube without the bulk and weight drawbacks.

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