RCBS Scores Big with their new Chargemaster Lite Propellant Dispenser

For many, many years, I used an RCBS electronic scale and a cast iron powder trickler to prepare powder charges. It was time-consuming, but it got the job done. When RCBS came out with their Chargemaster Combo, I never looked back. It was and is superb product.

Now, RCBS has introduced their “RCBS Chargemaster Lite” for 2017. It is RCBS part # 98940.

It features:

• 2-300 grain powder dispense range
• +/-0.1 grain accuracy (0-500 grains)
• Ambidextrous scale pan
• LCD Touchscreen display
• Durable On/Off and Dispense buttons
• Wind Cover
• Powder hopper and quick-drain system
• Built in bubble level
• Limited One Year Warranty
• 120/240 switching power supply
• EU/UK/AUS compliant

It is a terrific time-saving machine that I use constantly. I use it for smokeless powder charges and I use it exclusively for dispensing Blackhorn 209 muzzleloading propellant. Prior to going to the range, I make up a couple hundred charges of the Blackhorn 209, then bag them and tag them with the date and respective weights of the powder charges in vials. It makes load development easy and it makes most all muzzleloaders more accurate.

The Chargemaster Combo was a two-piece unit that was shipped assembled. The redesigned Chargemaster Lite does essentially everything the Chargemaster Combo does, except that is cost a lot less. Retailing for $299.99, street price is about $210 or so.

This is outstanding product at a far lower price that will save you time every month for years and years. The RCBS Chargemaster Lite very much deserves and gets my highest recommendation.

Copyright 2017 by Randy Wakeman. All Rights Reserved.


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