New: the “Muzzleloader's Precision Packer”

In times past, there have been several attempts at adding pressure regulators to ramrods in order to ensure a consistent burn of propellant. Perhaps the best-known was the “KA-DOOTY” of years ago.

The “Muzzleloader's Precision Packer” is an orange palm-saver, with the bullet-seating pressure regulator component built in. It comes in two versions: one is 4-1/2 inches long, designed for loose powder, the other is 3-1/2 inches long, designed for pellets.

Blackpowder, in particular, has a very fragile grain structure and is sensitive to compaction. The primary use for this, today, is likely for Triple Seven or Pyrodex pellets. Pellets are prone to cracking and when that happens, pressures vary widely as do velocities. The fellow that hammers his rifle / ramrod against a tree is just asking for it and that happens more than some might think.

With firearms of all types, consistency and accuracy are synonyms. With Blackhorn 209 in general inlines and when working with the Savage 10ML-II for smokeless, the exact pressure used to seat the projectile over the powder charge is something I've not found to be important, so long as you use the same seating pressure shot after shot.

With Triple Se7en pellets, it is trickier, and when using stacks of pellets (three in many inlines, four in the Remington 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader) pellet chipping and cracking can be a serious issue. You can order yours today for $34.95 + shipping at .

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