Irish Setter Mudtrek #4586 Hunting Boots

These 17 inch rubber hunting boots from Irish Setter by Red Wing Shoes are the boots I've been hunting with all season thus far. I generally don't comment on accessories until I've used them for a significant period of time, and have walked fifty miles or so in them.

Technical Specifications - MudTrek style 4856

Height 17-inch
Waterproof Vulcanized Rubber
Camouflage Realtree Timber™ Camouflage
Fabric / Material Vulcanized Rubber-7 mm Neoprene
Construction Vulcanized
Footbed Removable Polyurethane
Shank Nylon
Outsole Rubber Mudder - Gray
Last RWSC-102
Lining Artic Fleece

These boots feature what Irish Setter calls “Scentban Scent Control” and have their “RPM” lightweight, durable outsoles. They are waterproof. What I have been using is style #4586, they are also available in an insulated version #4856. To cut right to the point, what I like about these boots are the ease in putting them on and talking them off. There are no latches or straps to fool with, and the boots are designed so you can easily tuck your pant legs in with no adjustments. I've used them so far down to 10 degrees F. with regular socks. For sub-zero work, I'd just use wool socks. More information can be found at .

I was a bit skeptical at first, as several pull-on boots are easy to step out of when going through mud, and can have unwanted heel movement and chafing. I'm likely more sensitive to this than some, as I have slightly narrow feet. There are zero problems with these boots. There is no reason for me to hunt with anything else and I plan on sticking with these Mudtreks for the foreseeable future. They are widely available through Red Wing, Bass Pro, Midway USA, and so forth. If you're looking for lightweight, comfortable, waterproof hunting boots they are easy to locate. They run about $160 for the pair and I'm quite happy to be able to recommend them.

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