Champion WheelyBird 2.0: The Best Personal Electric Clay Thrower Yet?

I've used and abused the original Champion WheelyBird clay target thrower for about four years, and it still works extremely well. The original WheelyBird has the following specs.

Cycle Time: 2 Seconds

  • Hopper Capacity: 50 Clay Targets

  • Launch Angle Adjustment: 30°

  • Maximum Launching Distance: 55 Yards

  • Release Type: Foot Pedal

  • Release Length: 25 ft.

  • Throws/Charge: Approximately 3000 on a Fully Charged Deep Cycle Battery

  • Throws: Standard 108mm and 110mm clays

The new Champion WheelyBird 2.0 is a remarkable upgrade. The wheels are bigger, now supported by 6202-2RS Conrad type bearings. The clays holder, that still has a 50 clay capacity, now has a metal horseshoe fixture at the top that makes the assembly far more rigid. The cycle time is improved to 1.75 seconds. Here is a little video I have produced that compares the two: .


The biggest news of all is the included wireless remote, while also including the foot pedal control. Along with the wireless remote, you can set a delay from 0 to 15 seconds. Champion is using a chip-set in the transmitter (remote) that has over 1M different unique codes and each chip is set to a random code when those chip-sets are manufactured.  There is a very low likelihood that remotes will have the same frequency. 


You can pair a single remote to fire multiple traps with a single button push to simulate a true pair or a report pair (by adjusting the 0-15 second delay on the second trap).  Once a remote is paired with multiple receivers every trap paired to that remote will release a target each time the button is pushed until that receiver’s memory is cleared by going through the pairing process again or the trap is turned off. 

Although I had been using older car batteries, I just upgraded to a 33Ah “Expert Power” deep cycle battery from Amazon. It is relatively small and light and does a terrific job.

With this configuration, you should expect approximately 5100 throws before the battery needs to be recharged, as a ballpark value.

The WheelyBird 2.0 throws about 65 yards as tested, though it isn't cranked up all the way. I'm impressed: this is exceptionally good product at a $350 price level and with a pair of these you can rig up your own personal skeet field or add a few more, and you have your own private sporting clays course. The wireless remote operates from up to 120 yards away. I've tested it to 100 yards. So, you can throw clays from your own 27 yard line with ease, and whatever “back of the fence distance” you want, as well as throwing clays towards yourself, crossing shots, and so forth. I can't recommend this unit highly enough, for it is superb.


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