Caldwell Universal Pistol Mag Charger from Battenfeld Technologies

This is a very handy, cleverly designed product that is going to save a lot of thumb-busting. The Mag Charger handles most 9mm, 10mm, .357, .40 and .45 caliber pistol ammo and most magazines. It also handles most .380 and 10mm rounds and magazines as well. It sells for around $35 street price, a few dollars less when on sale and so forth that only the individual retailer decides.

Operation is essentially self-explanatory. Your magazine is inserted from the top, quickly centered with rotating integral wheels, and locked into place with the generously sized hand-wheel. Then, it is just load a round and squeeze. I can't say it will work perfectly with “everything,” nothing does and I haven't tried every combination possible.

They are already quickly selling out at many locations, so if you see one you might want to grab it.



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