A Luxury Shotgun Case at a Great Price: T.F. & Co.'s Signature Case

If you have a double-barreled shotgun that you take some pride in owning, you'll want to have an attractive case for it as befits an attractive shotgun. They are out there, of course, but often ridiculously overpriced. Beretta offers a hard leather case they sell for $449. Browning offers their “John M. Browning Signature Leather” case in brown leather that has an MSRP of $619.99. Items like these aren't realistically priced, as far as I'm concerned. Some cheap vinyl-covered cases go for $200 or so, and they look like what they are: plastic covered cases with cheap carnival quality type flecking on the interior.

The Thomas Ferney & Company Signature Leather Covered Hard Case is available here https://shop.thomasferney.com/products/leather-covered-hard-shotgun-case-the-signature-line-by-thomas-ferney-co for $285.56. It is rich, burgundy leather, and fits O/U or SxS shotguns with from 26 inch to 32 inch barrels. The dimensions are as follows.

Exterior Dim: 33.7" X 10.2"

Exterior Depth X 3.3"

Interior Length: 32.5"

Interior Width: 9"

Weight: 11.5 lbs


It is tanned burgundy leather throughout, with red velvet-like wool lining. It come with velvet barrel blocks to give your shotgun the proper fit, heavy gray felt gun sleeves are included, and even the case has a case included: a heavy gray felt cover that ensconces the entire case.

Aside from the overall build quality and attractive price, this case actually stays open for you after you open it. Far too many cases have droopy lid syndrome and some cases just always want to close themselves. The hinge array on the T.F. Signature case ensures that is not a problem. If you want the same case interior and build quality, the canvas and leather edition is here, https://shop.thomasferney.com/collections/all-gun-cases-1/products/signature-waxed-canvas-and-leather-hard-shotgun-case-by-thomas-ferney-co at $229.00.

If you are tired of the nasty "Highly Polished Plastic made by Old World Craftsmen" routine, you'll appreciate these cases. Excellent quality from traditional construction materials never goes out of style, and you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy them.

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