The Two Best Shooting Accessories of 2012

There are two standouts, as far as I'm concerned, although one of them isn't so much new as it is new to me. Hearing protection is one of the last priorities for a lot of us although it really shouldn't be.

The Allen Sound Sensor units ( are also available as 3M and SensGard branded units. They are light, your ears won't sweat while you are wearing them, and you can hear ambient sound quite well. No batteries, no fuss, and they won't be banging into your buttstock, either. The Allen Sound Sensor units are rated at a Noise Reduction Rating of 26 decibels while the SensGard ZG-31 units have a NRR of 31 dB.

Some three years ago, in the U.K. conducted their “Mammoth Hearing Protection Test,” publishing twenty-seven pages of scores and results. When the smoke cleared they had three head and shoulders above the rest winning products. The “Napier Pro9,” a 32 DB model, as they are branded in the U.K. was one of the three winners, scoring 20/20 in terms of practicality and ease of use. The principle goes back to the 1850s “Helmholtz resonator” of Hermann von Helmholtz. Many folks will find that they want nothing else for hearing protection and will be stunned at how effective they are as well as comfortable. Sold by Amazon and by most major sports retailers, they are the best $20 you've spent in a very long while.

The hassle-free accurate home chronograph hasn't been available until just recently. It is called the MagnetoSpeed ( and it really is a revolutionary product. By taking light out of the equation, along with clumsy sky-screens, tripods, and so forth, the MagnetoSpeed is the handiest, most reliable chronograph I've ever used. It makes optical chronographs obsolete for many applications. You can get yours today from .

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