A Bit More with the Ruger Mini-14

It has been said that the Ruger Mini-14 does everything in the world you'd want a rifle to do . . . except, be accurate. That was generally my experience, but the current retooled version has changed all that. The initial review is here: and it did well with the factory irons.

It does better when scoped, as you might imagine, even when doing some admittedly slip-shod plinking off of a single, unsteady bag. An example is here:


Feed it the right ammo, it is essentially an MOA gun assuming bag and cradle and reasonable range conditions. That's for an out-of-the-box fun, no modifications of any type, and it is just the standard “Ranch” or “Tactical” model, not the adjustable harmonic dampener Target model.
Opinions differ, but certainly clearly prefer the Ruger's mini-Garand action to the Armalite Rifle, the controls, and the handling as well. It is also an excellent value, priced well below many AR's and down in the area of what is often considered a stripper or entry-level AR-15. If its prior reputation for lackluster accuracy has been holding you back, you might want to give the Mini-14 a fresh look.

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