Wingnut Illinois Politicians & Guns

You really can't miss it: some Illinois politicians must have a really hard time fogging a mirror when it comes to understanding the laws in Illinois concerning firearms. There is no Second Amendment in Illinois and there hasn't been for years.

No one in the State of Illinois has any right to own or possess a firearm, everyone has to ask permission of Illinois Government to legally possess a firearm. You can't make this stuff up. See . It is there for the world to see, straight from the Illinois State Police:

“The Firearms Services Bureau is responsible for administering the Firearm Owner's Identification Program (FOID) and the Firearm Transfer Inquiry Program (FTIP). The FOID card is required for any resident of Illinois to possess or purchase firearms. During the FOID application process, the applicant’s identification and background information is checked. Individuals with prohibiting factors are disallowed from obtaining a FOID card.”

It is no typo and no misprint. EVERYONE that possesses or owns a firearm in Illinois GOES THROUGH A BACKGROUND CHECK! Everyone! Just to possess a firearm, you need a FOID card. Just to walk in the door at some gun shops, you need a FOID card. To borrow a gun at the local trap club, you need a FOID card. To buy ammo, you need a FOID card. To shoot at a range, you need a FOID card. To handle a firearm, you need a FOID card.

Yet, the Illinois climate is polluted with politicians wanting to further tax, harass, and burden legal gun owners. More background checks, whacko magazine bans, and so forth.

The simple fact of the matter is that to legally own a firearm in Illinois, to buy ammo, to legally use a firearm in Illinois, you HAVE ALREADY GONE THROUGH A BACKGROUND CHECK.

Chicago and Cook County, the crime and murder capitals of Illinois, have even more meaningless gun laws, so-called assault weapons bans, etc. Yet, the fact remains, if have a gun legally anywhere in the State of Illinois as an Illinois resident, you have have already been background checked by the Illinois State Police and granted permission to own a gun with the FOID card they issue. Good grief!


Note: This thankfully does not apply to my representatives, Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant or House Republican Leader Tom Cross. Sadly, Illinois is full of politicians just as smart as a bag of hair when it comes to gun laws that punish only legal Illinois FOID card holders and empowers criminals.



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