The Practical, yet Competent Big Game Rifle System at $850

Hunting is becoming expensive. Questions have long been asked, what does it take for a very competent, yet affordable big game hunting rifle system? Here's one approach.


Savage Model 11FCNS .308 Winchester, SKU 17826

With the Accu-Stock and the Accu-Trigger, this versatile .308 Winchester bolt action rifle does all that you might want to do in North America. The 7mm-08 or .300 WSM chamberings are there as well (total of ten chamberings offered), as you prefer. About $540 street.


The Burris Fullfield II E1 3-9 x 40mm gets it all done, at an industry-leading $200 price / performance ratio.


Warne Maxima Fixed one inch steel rings, street price $35 per pair. Warne Maxima steel bases, $22 street per pair.

Or: Talley Lightweight Aluminum 1" Scopemount pair @ $42.


Hornady SuperFormance .308 Win GMX, 165 grain @ 2750 fps (or 150 gr. @ 2940 fps) $40 / box of twenty.

That's about $837 for our basic rifle rig, scope, rings, bases, ammo. Fifteen dollars less if you opt for the Talley aluminum scope mounts.


Hawke 8x43 Frontier ED Binoculars, $430. (Or, Bushnell 8x42 Legend Ultra HD Binocular @ $290.)

Leupold RX-1000i Rangefinder, $340


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