Obama is Awesome


Now, we apparently have the ATF fighting its own war on Mexico, as the February 23, 2011 report from Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News reports. “Project Gunrunner”allegedly has already enabled the flow of thousands of weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, already used to kill Federal Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, and countless Mexican citizens. All this, without bothering to inform the Mexican government, a sovereign nation as far as I know. Strange days, indeed. A bureaucracy gone amok, revisiting the specter of the United States' attacks on Waco and Ruby Ridge. Not content with abuses against American citizens alone, we seem to have a domestic agency involved in arming the drug culture of our neighboring country.

Perhaps we should stick to what we do better, like launching 122 humanitarian Tomahawk cruise missiles at Libya. All good that the U.S. has turned over operations to, well, the U.S. At least the U.S. part that is the leading player in NATO and foots more of its bills than anyone else. Just how many wars do you have to start without congressional authorization to win a Nobel Peace Prize these days? It surely is awesome.


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