If Rifles are Designed for Killing People, Why is it They Don't Work?

Above, my FN SCAR-L test rifle, one of many rifles that aren't normally used for crime and in many places, apparently just don't work.


How often have you heard that “assault rifles” are weapons of war and are designed for killing people? It is hard to get away from this one, it is perpetually gushed and nonsensically blabbered about like it means something. But, they sure don't work very well. The FBI does separate the rifles that look nasty from the prettier ones, but the FBI does know that rifles don't work very well to kill people. Rifles fail to kill people like politicians tell you they are supposed to year after year. It would be a joke if politicians weren't trying to ban them. See: .

In 2011, the last year that full data is available for, rifles failed to kill anyone at all in several states. Rifles failed to murder anyone in Alaska, Delaware, District of Columbia, Iowa, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. The guns that are “designed for the battlefield,” designed to kill . . . they just didn't work at all for the entire year in all of these states and territories. Other things do work, of course, like automobiles, water, electricity, alcohol, drugs, but rifles don't. Are they all defective or what? They failed to to work; all of them. What kind of government wants to ban, register, confiscate, or tax stuff that doesn't work at all? Apparently, the Federal Government and some state governments have nothing better to do than to try to prevent non-existent murders.

By population, the top states are California and Texas. Just how well do rifles work to kill people?
California: 261 murders with knives, 101 with hands/fists/feet .............. 45 with rifles.
Texas: 175 with knives, 81 with hands/fists/feet .............. 37 with rifles.

If rifles, including "assault weapons" are designed for killing people, then just why don't they? It must be the world's most ineffectively, poorly designed product. They are supposed to be lethal, nasty things, weapons of war, weapons of the battlefield, at least according to some pompous politicians that aren't worried about fiscal responsibility, immigration reform, education, mental health reform, or treating our veterans with respect. Instead, they obsess over stripping Americans of fundamental Constitutional Rights, giving everyone a headache by looking at a class of firearms that is the least likely to be used to kill someone. Safer to the public than a piece of rope, a golf club or baseball bat, a knife or even bare hands, much less the automobile, alcohol, or drugs.

It is so goofy you just can't make these things up.


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