60 Second Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle Reviews

Condensed comments about recently reviewed bolt-action centerfire rifles.


One of the few rifles that by any reasonable standards wins on both looks and performance, it is an easy sub-MOA rifle in .270 Winchester. It is easy on the eyes and the wallet, and was good enough to make it to South Africa with us. There isn't much to find fault with, although there are a few lighter weight options out there that kick a bit more.


Formerly called the Edge, the Axis is hardly anyone's idea of gorgeousness. Yet, it defines the “entry-level” rifle category because it shoots so very accurately, has a smooth bolt, and now is offered in some configurations with an Accu-Trigger as well. While low on looks, it is extremely high on accuracy and value.


In .223, this is a unique rifle in a very good way. It is a downsized Mauser actioned centerfire that shoots 1/2 MOA with ease, weighs only 6-1/2 lbs., and the single-set trigger is an absolute delight.


One of my personal favorite rifles, it is lighter than most in the category, yet with an excellent recoil pad is quite comfortable to shoot. Its detachable rotary magazine is smooth as silk, the trigger is excellent, and on last trip to South Africa, this is what I relied on.


Ostensibly designed to compete with the Savage Axis, I've already been through three of them. The standard Ruger American in .243 Winchester shot to two different points of aim. The two most recently tested examples were the “American Predator” heavier barrel versions, in .223. Both had severe issues and just weren't ready for prime-time.


If there in an under-rated, under-appreciated Savage Arms innovation, it has to be the Accu-Stock. Yes, it still is a plastic stock, but a plastic stock that has produced 1-10th of one inch CTC 100 yard groups for me in .30-06. Along the way, Savage has added several refinements: the invisible barrel nut, a bolt-release nested on the front of the trigger-guard, and an improved detachable box magazine. It is hard not to be impressed with this level of accuracy out of a production gun with a lightweight profile barrel, and I am.


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