The "Spinjag LOADER"

The latest and greatest from the folks at Spinjag is their new "Spinjag Loader," available for muzzleloaders from .40 to .58 caliber, with custom calibers available upon request. Since Gunn Innovations makes their own products in Virginia, they have the in-house capability to produce most anything in the way of jags without relying on outside vendors-or the Chinese, for that matter. The highly rated, highly recommended Spinjag is now available in this configuration for the loading only of muzzleloading projectiles: promoting accuracy by eliminating cocking or canting of the projectile during seating.

To do this, Spinjag has done away with the knurls. Both the bore guide and the rotating jag itself are within a few thousandths of your muzzleloader's bore. It is for loading only, as there is no clearance for use of a cleaning patch. For all-around field use, the standard Spinjag remains the logical first choice. Those looking to find custom range-rod accuracy in bullet seating now have it with the loader, while using a standard ramrod.

If you enjoy range sessions with your muzzleloader, it makes good sense to use one rod for spit-patching, and one for loading only. Well-made and affordable, the Spinjag Loader is a cheap ticket to explore exact bullet seating management to get the most consistent results out of your frontloader. Like the original Spinjag, it fits more bullet profiles than any other jag I've used. Small and easy enough to keep in your range bag or your backpack, it is another solid, practical idea from Spinjag. Mine works like a charm, and it is particularly with muzzleloaders that don't need swabbing between shots-like the Savage 10ML-II. More info can be found at . Like all Spinjag product I've seen it is extremely well-made and it works.



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