Vihtavuori Powder Availability: N110 and N120

Vihtavuori propellants have been popular choices for the Savage 10ML muzzleloaders for over a decade by now. For many years, the comment has been that they are "twice as expensive" than other powders. This has never been the case. The confusion has stems from the standard 2 lb. packaging of Vihtavuori N110 and N120, so yes . . . that a two pound bottle costing more than a one pound bottle shouldn't be a surprise.

Vihtavuori N110 has been a standard Savage test load, along with a 250 grain .452 Hornady XTP and short, black "MMP" sabot for years. 40 - 42 grains is usually optimum. You get about 175 shots per one pound bottle of N110, making it far more economical than you might think. You get significantly more velocity than "three pellet loads" (33 shots per box is all you get per box of pellets) at a fraction of the cost with no corrosiveness of pellets, or fouling build-up.

The standard packaging of N110 and N120 is a one pound bottle. This too has led to a bit of confusion, as some catalog houses have listed N110 and N120 as "Discontinued by Manufacturer." Never true, it was the two pound packaging that was discontinued, not the powder. N110 is readily available right now and has been for a long while.

N120 has become more and more popular, so much so that it sells out very quickly. It is sold out right now, with a larger shipment due in September. So, if you want some, you might as well get some on order direct with the importer.

For purchase of N110 immediately, contact Jeannie Bolda at 815-505-4104, or you can e-mail Jeannie at jbolda@kaltron.com . You can also get N120 on order with Jeannie as well, so it will ship direct to you as soon as it arrives.



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