The Ruger SR9 9mm Pistol: a Pair of Self-Defense Loads Compared

The Ruger SR9 was originally reviewed here: . Of particular note was the improved trigger as compared to the early SR 9 models, as well as its very soft shooting.
Although Crimson Trace lasergrips are installed, they were not used for aiming, although they can be seen in broad daylight. Shooting was done with unmodified, as out-of-the box factory irons, and the groups threw to the left at 15 yards, easily changeable.


Two self-defense rounds were compared, Winchester 147 grain and Barnes 115 grain loads. Both were far more accurate than needed for self-defense use, with perhaps a slight edge to the Barnes rounds. Though the SR9 is a very soft-shooting handgun, the Barnes rounds were noticeably softer shooting with less muzzle flip.

Ordinarily, this would point to the Barnes ammunition as being the load of choice of intimate self-defense use, but that was not the case here. In this singular SR9 example, the lighter Barnes loads produced more jams (stovepipes) in the early shooting, and even when there were no jams the ejection was weak, as you can see on the video. Far too weak to trust your life to. In other SR9 examples, this might not be a problem. In this case, it clearly was and is.

Based on reliability with very positive ejection, here the 147 grain Winchester PDX1 Defender ammunition gets the nod. If you don't have reliability, you have nothing.



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