Sightron SIII Magnesium 8 x 32 Binoculars

The basic specifications on these waterproof, compact, and lightweight binoculars are as follows:

Item Number: 25152
Sku Number: 793139-251527
Model Name: SIIIMS832
Magnification: 8X
Object Diameter (mm): 32
Fov (ft@1000 Yds.): 394
Eye Relief (mm.): 15.3
Finish: Black Rubber
Waterproof: Yes
Weight (oz.): 19.7
Length (in.): 4 1/2

At only 4-1/2 inches long, this $450 set of upscale binoculars is going to have wide appeal for general hunting use. Compact and lightweight, they are going to save both weight and bulk for you on your next hunt. They have a lifetime warranty as well. Compared to Sightron's excellent SIII LR 8 x 42 binoculars, for example, this set reduces the overall length by a full two inches and loses almost 3/4 lb. in weight.

My latest visit to the optometrist was just a few days ago. My eyes dilate to 4.5mm within ten seconds in dim light, both eyes dilating an equal amount. According to my optometrist, anyway, 5mm is about the maximum dilation, but most human eyes close up slightly after acclimation to dim light. In real-world terms, as an approximation, you'll be able to fully benefit from a 4mm exit pupil of an optic, and anything less than that is going to appear dimmer. That is where this 8 x 32 set resides, right at 4mm. Naturally, your eyes will be different, something you might want to take into consideration for both binocular and riflescope selection.

The focusing of this SIII Sightron is easy and precise. They fit may hands well, and the after carrying these in the field for the last couple of weeks, they are free from flaring and any noticeable chromatic aberrations or purple fringing, to my eyes. There are easy to look through for extended periods.

This has been mentioned before, but if we look through binoculars for three or four hours, a spotting scope for a few minutes, we probably look through a riflescope in a hunting situation for only seconds. Yet, often we obsess over optics trivia in riflescopes but ignore binoculars routinely. These Sightrons are outstanding good as far as I'm concerned for general purpose hunting and outdoor use. That said, binoculars are more of intensively personal preference item than other things, for they need to fit your hands and your face. If they do and you are looking for a set of binoculars that won't consume much real estate, these SIII 8 x 32s are an excellent choice.

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