Sightron's Ultimate Do-Everything Big Game Hunting Scope: Sightron SIII 1-7x24 IR 4A

Sightron's 30mm tube 1-7 illuminated reticle scope is a radical rethink of the all-around hunting scope. It is a no-magnification scope up to a 7x riflescope, it can be mounted on most any rifle, it has a crisp illuminated dot that can be lit up in green or red, and the adjustment range is an impressive 100 inches. The basic specifications are surprising.

Item Number: 25001
Sku Number: 793139-250025
Model Name: SIII1-7x24IR4A

Magnification: 1-7x
Objective Diameter:24mm
Eye Relief: 3.9-4.8
Reticle Type: Illuminated German 4A
Click Value: .1 MRAD
FOV: 91.9-13.0 inches
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Windage Elevation Travel: 100 inches
Weight: 20.0 oz.
Finish: Matte Black
Minutes Per Revolution: 18
Knob Type: Hunting

Exit Pupil: 24-3.42mm
Waterproof: Yes
Accessories Inc: Lens Caps, Lens Cloth, Instruction Manual
Windage Elevation Knobs: Finger Adjustable (Resettable)

With a generous minimum eye relief of 3.9 inches, it is well-suited for high-recoil applications. It has most of the popular features such as a quick focus eyebell, comes with lens caps front and rear, has a very strong 30mm tube, is fully multi-coated, with resettable and finger adjustable windage and elevation knobs. For those who want extreme field of view, this scope offers up to over 91 feet at 100 yards (FOV= 91.9 - 13.0 feet). A typical 3X variable scope might have a FOV at 100 yards at about 30 feet, and at 9X, the FOV would be around 14 feet.

Testing this scope after midnight, it is an appealing choice for hunting by moonlight with the soft glow of the green dot, and well-suited to night hunting in general up to about 4 power. For general low-light use, it retains a 4.8 mm exit pupil at 5x magnification, 4mm at 6 power.

Although “versatile” is not a particularly enticing or bombastic buzz word, versatile is exactly what defines this scope. It has enough eye relief, magnification range, and internal adjustment range to be used on everything from a shotgun hunting turkey to coyote and varmint hunting, to general deer, elk, and moose hunting. For close range, low light applications such as bear hunting, where you might be trying to place a black wire on a black blob of a target with a dingy background, the green illuminated reticle and using only 1-1.5x magnification makes the process quick and easy.

If you've ever run out of internal adjustment on a generic scope that offers perhaps 40 – 50 inches of combined vertical and horizontal adjustment, having about double the internal adjustment here in this Sightron SIII means that unfortunate happenstance is extremely remote. This SIII is an extremely clear scope with three instant reticle choices for you and is a close to the “do-everything” hunting optic as I've ever seen.


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