Send a “Get Well Card” to Tony Knight!

William Anthony “Tony” Knight, the father of modern inline muzzleloading (by now, grandfather) has been facing some unexpected and very serious health challenges. Serious enough that it was apparently out of the league of local doctors and hospitals so it has resulted in a multiple month stay at Mayo Clinic for more aggressive treatment. Tony has championed the cause of muzzleloading for over the last thirty years, he's one of the greatest friends muzzleloading hunters and hunters in general can ever hope to have. He's championed game conservation, game management, reasonable hunting regulations, whitetail hunting, and turkey hunting throughout his life.

It isn't cancer, but although Tony would likely be in the woods, in a different way, he's not completely out of the woods from a recovery standpoint and, according to his son Billy, it is a long road back. Although everyone is busy with the holidays and such, you can make a difference. I'm a big believer in good wishes, prayer, and positive energy. When you're laid up with tubes and in human pincushion mode, a thinking of you or get well soon card can make a big difference. So, if you can spare the time and a stamp, please do send along a get-well card to Tony Knight. It is a great change from the constant probe of doctors, needles, meds, and machines. It will undoubtedly lift his spirits and you can sure help.
So, please send your best thoughts, well-wishes, and get-well cards to:

Tony Knight
19882 140th Ave.
Plano, IA 52581

You'll be doing a very positive thing. Tony's long-time wife Rose, his son Billy, his daughter Michelle, and the whole Knight family will certainly appreciate it!


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